Saturday, November 16, 2013

Love & Betrayal on the Santa Fe By Lisa Day

In the mid 1800’s men were advertising for wives, woman would travel miles and miles to meet their future husbands. One this specific trip there was Calico and 5 other woman and some other travelers, these woman had to be strong woman to take the trip, it was long, dirty, and downright uncomfortable. The men who arranged the trip had to be trustworthy, so one thought.
The trip began uneventful, Lucille was a handful with her wants but nothing the group couldn’t handle. Then things started happening here and there, and Calico got really sick and miraculously she got better thanks to Tasa the Indian that was traveling with them. Calico was starting to sense that Tasa was starting to like her, and she was friendly towards him.
In the middle of the trip one of the men got what he thought was smallpox so some of the other voyagers went on without them to make a stop they needed to make Calico and the girls stayed. Then their Hell Started. When one of the men came back to check on them there was nothing to be found but the dead. What happened when the group split? Did the girls get to safety, or did they run into Indians? This book was awesome I just loved it I think Lisa Day is a great author. I can’t wait to read more.