Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wolfkeeper's Woman By Lisa Day

Cassie and Frank had a family, a lovely home, and a great marriage. One morning Cassie was waiting for Frank and his best friend to come in for breakfast. While she was looking out for them she saw her husband then she saw him go down as well as his friend. She didn’t know what happened until she saw the Indians all around. Cassie was stunned, when she recovered she swiftly got her son in her arms, and there she stood toe to toe with the leader Wolfkeeper. She tried to get away and Wolfkeeper hit her and took her baby away and handed him to another Indian, when he did that she wailed and carried on like an ‘Animalistic’ screeching and that scared the Indians and Wolfkeeper called her ghostwoman. On the way to the Indians camp Wolfkeeper would let her breastfeed her baby with no other contact. Little did she know this was going to be the last time she would be known as the infant’s mother.
When they arrived at camp Cassie was ignored and her son was brought to Wolfkeepers family to be raised. They would bring the baby to Cassie when he needed to be fed, at one point they told her she couldn’t look at him, touch him even think about him, her son was dead to her. Wolfkeeper taught her the ways of his world in a harsh manner if she didn’t do what she was told she would know it. He never forced himself on her but touched her in her most private areas. He may have been harsh with her but he was also her protector. And after living with Wolfkeeper Cassie’s guard was coming down, when he touched her, she would lust for him, he told her there would be a day they would be joined. Would Cassie fall in love with the man who stole her child? Would she forgive him? Would she find her child? All those will be answered in this book, this was an exceptional Historical fiction. It was Sad, happy, and frightening. I loved it!