Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Cult By Dariya Wilcox

Cecelia went to law school in Japan and when she graduated she got a good job at an Institute as a lawyer, she was a very pretty girl but self conscious. On her first day at the lab her boss was showing her around and introducing her to other employees this is where she met two men Sato and Richard Sato automatically made her put up her guard, and Richard she thought was so handsome. At the weekly Friday meeting she found things a little odd the Institute basically made her sign a contract to be in their religion she really didnt want too but the higher ups told her she had to so she signed,then Richard asked her out for a drink and she accepted. After that they were inseparable.
Sato didnt like this and so Sato and his friend Pete started spying on Cecelia and Richard while they talked and had sex, Sato was a mean man he would rape woman and kill people with viruses from his lab. Richard worked in the lab also and started to wonder about Sato and people that were coming up missing. So when Cecelia found out she was pregnant Richard wanted her to leave the Institute immediately because of the shady goings on there and the dangers of the lab, and Sato heard Richard and Cecelia talk about leaving that pushed Sato over the edge. Sato already was planning on a doomsday and only the people at the Institute would survive so he didnt care if he hurt people. So when he heard they were leaving all hell broke loose. Find out what Happens to Cecelia and Richard when they try to leave. I loved this book it had some erotic parts in it and it was very suspenseful I hope this author continues to write!