Seasons of darkness Giveaway

Win an e-book copy of Season of Darkness I will be giving 1 copy away on December 14,2013. Just leave a comment under my review of Season of Darkness on the home page of this blog. Here is more on Season of Darkness by Belinda G. Buchanan.

A father torn apart
A son forever scarred
Two men trying to connect when their only link has been broken...

Ethan Harrington's innocence was lost seven years ago when his mother took her own life. Now sixteen, and still ravaged by her death, he struggles to live among the shattered remains of a family that was never functional to begin with. 

Feeling abandoned by his mother and misunderstood by his father, he isolates himself from everyone, vowing never to let his heart be hurt again.

Handsome and confident Everett Harrington is a successful businessman who has the corporate world at his fingertips. A husband at twenty-eight, a father at thirty, and a self-made millionaire at thirty-two he has every reason to be extremely proud of his accomplishments, both professional and personal...but there was nothing in his life that ever prepared him for being a widow at thirty-nine. Left alone to raise a son he can't talk to, he spends his evenings drowning his frustrations in a bottle of scotch, leaving him without the ability to control his temper.

Then one fateful summer, love finds both men.

For shy, awkward Ethan it's his first, and one that he is bent on keeping. Finding that nothing else matters when he's with Mary, he immerses himself in their relationship being content to lie to her when it comes to his family's secrets.

For Everett, it's his second and something he thought would never happen again - but it does not come without consequences. Over the years he has grown stubborn and set in his ways when it comes to running his household, and the arrival of the new nanny turns all that, as well as his emotions, on end.

Determined not to be like his father, Ethan pulls farther away in a desperate attempt to establish his own identity, but it's a feat that's as hard as it is unlikely when he discovers that he has inherited at least one of his father's less desirable traits.

A story of hope - even in the darkest of times, this is a coming of age novel that depicts the sometimes difficult and often times complex relationships experienced between fathers and sons in this standalone prequel to After All Is Said And Done