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Caledonian Skies By Hugh Wilson

Read on May 06, 2014

This book is about WWII and espionage. Ian Mickey wanted to join forces in The Foreign war at 17 his parents wouldn’t hear of it, his mother was horrified, so Ian had to wait till he turn the legal age. Ian was from Scotland and lived in Germany for some years and enlisted in the Allied Forces when he turned 18. When Ian got to the recruiter he told him he had to take an aptitude test and a physical before he could join and that didn’t deter him at all, after reading about Ian I’d say it gave him more determination. So he waited in line for his physical at the beginning of the line was a tired looking nurse and named Ellie, she perked up when she met Ian as did he. They started getting chummy and the doctor split them up, and sent Ellie to lunch to Ian’s dismay. But things were about to look even better, the doctor found Ian had commendable eye site, he dismissed the lot of boys and took Ian to the flying corps recruiter right away. The recruiter didn’t think he could get him flying without special accommodations but he said he’d look into it. Ian was good he was learning all the maneuvers and how to shoot a speeding plane. His Flight Leader commented on his outstanding gunnery skills, later he got shot down and made a crash landing in a field……
Fast forward about 20 yrs. Ian Mickey a bachelor back in Scotland went for a morning view of the birds and the sunrise, he was relaxing enjoying the view and he saw a glint of a plane coming his way and he knew something was fishy. Ian Mickey had the best eyesight in British military history since when they began recording eyesight in 1880. He told his acquaintance Major Andrew Wilson the about this because he had a feeling the plane was taking pictures in flight of the Royal Naval Torpedo Factory and this didn’t sit right with Ian. Wilson is the regional intelligence liaison in Glasgow and he therefore went higher up the ladder and brought this up to head of domestic military intelligence, M15 in Scotland, Colonel Owen Taylor-Brown. He didn’t believe that Ian would know this plane was spying he was really skeptical. Wilson argued that Ian was a highly decorated aviator. So with that info and that he was fluent in German, and he once worked as a freelance engineer under Junkers and then it was Heinkel on new aircrafts when he was a civilian now Luftwaffe no longer was civilian run. He was going to back to Heinkel and spy on the Germans and find that photograph. Ian was scared to a point but he was also proud and loyal to his country.
Ian went through some refresher courses at the university then he was good to go. He got to Rostock, met Norbert Mueller he liked Ian at the beginning he got his foot in the door no problem. Mueller thought he’d look better to Luftwaffe. Major Schmidt thought maybe Ian was a spy but Schmidt didn’t think Ian had a specific goal. Ian was assigned to the high wing altitude design unit which works on the photographs they take of the land. Ian met the only other foreigner Miguel Santillan and he was on Ian’s team, Ian made a big mistake though he started asking questions a little too much for some of the questions were answered but Miguel started getting ansy and said he was asking too many questions. Though Miguel did tell Ian that the pictures were coming out crummy because of the altitude. Then the foreman Herman Ritter comes in and tells them to get back to work they were talking too much. Then he thought better of have the 2 foreigners working for him so he told Miguel to go to a different project effective immediately! As time went on Ian was learning snippets of info and Ritter caught wind of it and watched even closer. Miguel also told Ian that he was a Jew so that little information made Ian feel a little more comfortable talking to Miguel knowing if the Germans found out he’d be arrested.
As time went on Ian became friendly with everyone and he didn’t find out a whole amount of info so he thought he’d set up a football game then some time at the pub after the game, the guys showed up and some brought their families. The losers had to buy the beer. Ian thought he’d chum up with Mueller, so Mueller brought him over to meet his wife and daughter, come to find out the wife was an older widow and they met after her husband past away they decided to marry and he loved the girl like she was his own. Mueller asked Ian to sit with his wife and daughter while he went over and had a drink with the boys. When he came back and Ian was about to walk off he asked Ian to come over for dinner one night the next week, his wife and daughter really enjoyed his company, well Mueller was getting suspicious of Ian and he had a little problem himself, he was a homosexual and the Nazi’s frown upon that and persecute and an acquaintance of his was brought in so it was urgent he found out what Ian was all about so he could play his cards right. The night of the dinner Mueller brought Ian out into the night and told him he’s been asking a lot of questions around work and if he didn’t tell him what was going on he’d get him in trouble so, as, Ian saw it was time for the grand escape along with a mother daughter and lover he may want to get a hold of his contact……..
I absolutely LOVED this book I don’t venture in this era maybe a romance but not a spy book because it usually gets confusing but this author wrote it like a pro I hope I did justice for this piece of work!

                                                       Hugh Wilson M.D.

Dr. Hugh Wilson earned his medical degree in 1983 from the University of California, San
Francisco, where in 1988 he also completed his residency in anatomic pathology and
laboratory medicine. He completed an internship in internal medicine at the Pacific
Presbyterian Medical Center, also in San Francisco. He earned his undergraduate degree
with highest honors in cell biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
In 2010, he received his certification in Age Management Medicine from the
Cenegenics® Education & Research Foundation in 2010, opened his
practice in Monterey, CA in 2011.
Dr. Wilson is also the author of: Live Better Longer: Your Guide to a
Healthier Life
For more than 20 years, Dr. Wilson has practiced surgical pathology and
laboratory medicine (hematology, immunology, microbiology and clinical chemistry) in
Monterey County and has managed hospital and outpatient medical laboratories.
~ ~ ~
“My parents came to the States in 1957 with 5 kids (Catholic and
careless apparently) and me in utero. I was born in Cleveland in 1957 and
my family moved to California in 1959 so I have no recollection of Ohio at
all. I grew up in Los Angeles, went to public schools then went to UC Santa
Barbara, initially as a Marine Biology major but eventually graduated with a
degree in Cell Biology. I attended medical school at UCSF, did an internship
in general medicine (everything except pediatrics and obstetrics) at the
Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center in SF, then completed a residency in
Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, back at UC San Francisco.”
“Over the years I’ve enjoyed multiple outdoors activities. I took up cycling in
junior high, backpacking in high school, surfing in college, hunting in my 30s
and golf in my 40s.”
“I've been interested in writing since high school but never pursued it until
recently. The old expression that you can't get published without an agent
and you can't get an agent if you haven't been published seemed to me to
be entirely true. But the tech boom changed all that and it is now possible to
publish without an agent and now I have done it.” - Dr. Hugh Wilson

"A fast-paced historical thriller, filled with fascinating, memorable characters and nonstop action."
-Gerard Rose (Attorney and Author)
“Hugh Wilson's new book, Caledonian Skies is a spell binding account of what could have been and a
definite don't want to miss read especially if you're a history nut like I am. The liberties taken by the author
to create this epic journey in the time of war weaves a believable account and a story that's so much more
compelling than just a book you'll put down after you've read it.
Its a sure fire bet you'll remember and thoughts will keep rolling around in your head til you can't help it
anymore and you'll have to reach back, grab it, and start reading again.
I'm giving it a huge thumbs up and highly recommending you get your hands on it too.”
-Daniel Diehl (Multi-Award Winning Author & Historian)
"I'm endorsing 'Caledonian Skies' and giving my rave review for this inspiring book. There's great lessons
to be learned, and we must never give up on hope or striving to do what is right in our world. Its an
exciting and entertaining read"
-Allen Wells (SGT - US Air Force)
"This was an exciting read. Fast-paced, surprising twists and well-drawn characters keep you on edge
and guessing. Grabs you and pulls you into the story. Get it."
- Gary Hovland (Artist and former faculty at Art Center College of Design)
“I truly enjoyed the historical perspective mixed with the "what if"? Having some personal familiarity
with the locations really made the book come to life for me. A very entertaining and thought provoking
- Rob Dimel (Owner/ Chief Pilot Conway Aviation)
"Hugh Wilson has a natural talent for story telling. This is his first novel and I would highly
recommend it as excellent holiday reading."
- Elizabeth Elliott (Retired Head Teacher, Scotland)
"Like it? I loved it! I couldn't put it down." - Diz Newman ( B-17 pilot U.S. 8th Air Force 1944-1945)

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