Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Being Dracular's Widow By Faith Marlow


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5 of 5 stars
Read on April 30, 2014
Valeria was married to Count Dracular, she never wanted to be a monster by monster I mean a vampire. Valeria was 1st of 3 wives well four if you want to count the last one whose husband was a vampire slayer and killed the other wives. Illona begged Valeria to take care of her son no matter what, and by some crazy reason the slayer didn’t kill Valeria, and Valeria went back to the house to save Emil.
14 years later Valeria has cared for Emil like a mother would never letting harm come to him he was sheltered unless you call knowing everything about being a vampire is being sheltered. Nephew and aunt more as mother and son grew very close they lived in a cabin in the woods far away from anyone. She had thought that Emil needed to learn a trade so they moved to Brasov. Emil and Valeria went and bought new clothes to fit in and a nice house, Emil thrived there they became known in Brasov for the better. Emil got a job at a printing house he really liked his job he was fitting in nicely.
One day Emil came home from work rather ticked off in he walked and showed a book he had to her it was written by a man name Stoker, he told of a child being brought into Dracular’s castle and his real mother left to get eaten by wolves , he asked if he has brothers or sisters. Emil was so mad he who adored Ilona called her a whore! Valeria slapped him and he told her to get out, she wasn’t welcomed.
Valeria retreated to the woods into the snowed in cabin she stayed for quite a while before she even fed she had hit rock bottom, she even visioned the count. When she just about had it she thought revenge on the slayer revenge on the author of the book to bring this upon Emil the way he did. So she ditched the trunk full of her belongings and made up a knapsack of what she needed and away she went BEGIN AGAIN as Emil told her…….
Valeria ended up in France where she met Lamond she met him one night intending to kill him but she soon found that he changed, and they had a whirlwind time in France a little too much fun just what she needed soon Lamond couldn’t hold her back she was restless and she needed the revenge would she succeed or will she hunt them down or will she be the hunted?
This book was amazing!! Valeria is such a strong character and to see her almost break was heartbreaking. Faith makes the task of sucking blood out of a host sensual and breathtaking. Faith has a way with words!