Saturday, February 11, 2017

Exodus by Kimberly Bettes

Anne, John, and baby James Carlson are on a journey to a better life in California, everybody is doing it. There's nothing left from where they came, it was the great depression.
Anne didn't consider herself lucky, but she knew for what she had she wasnt going to complain.
John was a hard working man for his family, he didn't want his son and wife to suffer the hunger or thirst of the time, so when he saw the sign for Exodus he knew he needed to stop to get gas and water, he really didn't have a choice when their truck stopped running now he really needed gas.
These few events set off a terrifying journey for the Carlsons. Will they still just be passing through? Will they be leaving the way they came? Whole? This book is one of Kimberly Bette's best books scary, gruesome, and a little bit of brotherly love! Enjoy (on an empty stomach or else).


Kimberly A. Bettes was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1977, completely ruining any chance her mother had at enjoying a delightful dinner. At the age of 12, Kimberly began writing poems, essays, and short stories. At 14, she began her first novel, a project that would take two years and many sleepless nights to complete. Since then, she has written more than ten novels, dozens of short stories, and hundreds of poems and essays.

She currently lurks in the Ozark Mountains of southeast Missouri with her husband and son. It's there she terrorizes the residents of a small town with her twisted tales, most of which focus on the dark side of human nature.

In addition to writing, Kimberly is also a freelance photographer and life-long chocolate enthusiast