Saturday, March 1, 2014

Whiskey Delta By Matthew S Williams

Read from September 06 to 22, 2013

This is a badass Zombie book. Braun and his crew have a very important classified job to do as its classified im unable to tell you about Braun and his crew get some awesome suits and mega fire power all for the one and only person who started the zombie outbreak they need to come back with his head so the doctor can find a cure so if they fail to bring the head home they probably wouldn't be welcomed back This book is awesome!Very suspenseful so the crew got their orders and went to where it all began downtown LA when they get to LA they see that other army personal have been brought it but didn't look like they left. The threat of the zombies have you wondering when they are going to jump out and bite someone. The whole crew is likable you don't want anyone getting hurt just when you think a zombie is going to strike they get shot at now with all that noise attracting the zombies and getting shot at it was looking to turn out bad. Well Braun got around the secured the building and found who was shooting. They were the guys who didn't make it back and they were basket cases. This author really knows what hes talking about with all the military terms and the battles, wait for the battles you feel as if your there and the zombies in this book dont just shuffle, moan ,and bite they run and fight back Braun even found they have emotion. I said it once ill say it again AWESOME! I hear there's a sequel I will be on it!