Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inshallah By Sybil Powell

Read in January, 2014

Inshallah is an astonishing love story about an Englishman and a Saudi. Mark owned a company in Saudi Arabia and occasionally worked with a Saudi named Ali, and one day Ali’s sister Jinniya came to Ali’s small country Khamis Mushayt by plane from Jidda and Mark noticed her right off but didn’t know Ali and Jinniya were related. Jinniya noticed Mark also for his light hair but the Englishman had a woman hanging all over him at the airport which was unheard of for the Saudi woman so Jinniya decided they must be a couple, but that wasn’t the end of her thinking of him.
One fateful day Jinniya came into the office with Ali and Mark was there so Jinniya acted like she wanted to know him and Mark did the same. Jinniya actually sprained her ankle in the parking lot and Mark had to help her to the car and they made plans to meet.   
They met in a timeworn, empty village near where Jinniya lived which was very dangerous for them but they needed to see each other, it was love at first sight. When everything went well for them they decided to meet again at the same place, Ali had no clue what was going on behind his back Mark and Jinniya could be stoned or worse for seeing each other, they must have loved each so much to risk certain death. While things heated up with Mark and Jinniya the woman who is known as Carol the one at the airport was sent packing after the first couple of nights Mark and Jinniya met up.
They met each other quite a few times Then one night Ali came home early and his aunt said he had a problem up on the roof and as Ali observed across the way he someone sneaking into his house and he rushes to find who it is and under a black covering he found Jinniya and under her Saudi clothes were westerner clothes, she tried to lie but he found the truth who she was seeing. He was so irate. And in this time she found she was going to have to get married to another man her father picked for her, so she and Mark decided to escape her family and go to England. Ali promised he wouldn’t tell a soul about them but told Mark if he told a soul about them Ali would kill Jinniya himself and ordered Mark out of the country.
Life went on for the 2 of them but they were miserable Mark was planning his trip home and Janniya planning her marriage. To find out what happened to the two lovers you’ve got to read it to believe it.

This story is enchanting the author Sybil Powell goes deep into a love that should never be she explores the love, happiness, and pain they feel. The book explores a different life as a Saudi woman with her cultures and religion. She doesn’t just write this stuff she knows it. I loved this book I didn’t want it to end I quite frankly couldn’t put it down. I don’t remember when I have read such an awesome love story.