Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seasons of Darkness By Belinda Buchanan

Season of Darkness is the prequel to After All Is said and done. Everett Harrington has 2 children Renee and Ethan. He is a widower who is trying to raise his children right. He has gone through multiple Nannies due to his drinking. Renee was a very social child who was well beyond her years, and Ethan was more withdrawn especially from his father. Everett’s latest nanny Greta gets along with the children fine and doesn’t say much about the drinking.
Through the story there are flashbacks that Everett and Ethan have about the absent mother/wife the real reason she’s not in the picture. Ethan starts to wonder about things and starts breaking out of his shell. Ethan moves further away from Everett because he is controlling and he beats Ethan when the boy does wrong.
Greta and Everett start to fall in love with each other even though he has a drinking problem and he can’t keep his hands off Ethan, Greta says a lot but doesn’t do a lot about it. The last straw for Ethan was when he wanted to start medical school but his dad wouldn’t let him because he wanted Ethan to run his company. I thought this book was remarkable the way it dug into Ethan’s existence. Read this book to find the mystery of Ethan’s mom. Belinda is such a great author who I’d love to see more from.